Thursday, May 08, 2008

Quick Healthy Cooking, and a Long Intro

So, like everyone who turns 40, I have realized that my body will not last forever, and will, in fact, fall apart if I don't take care of it. It may fall apart anyway. It will probably fall apart, but there are some things I can do to keep it working.

My big goal right now is to play with my grandchildren. It's not hard to play with your grandchildren if you have their parents when you're in your twenties. It's harder to play with your grandchildren if you have their parents when you're in your late thirties. I have no idea when my boys will be ready to breed, but since they're just 3 and 5 now, I'm guessing it's going to take a while.

G's parents can play with Ben and A.; Grandma more so than Grandpa, but she's only 70, and had G. in her twenties. Grandpa's in his 80's, which is where I will be if my boys are slow breeders like their father and grandfather. My father is in his 80's and can't hear them, let alone play with them. I'm lucky if he remembers their names (not to mention my husband's name, although that has really gotten better in the last few years). My mother died in her 60's, when I was 21, so obviously she can't play with them, either.

I don't love to cook as much as I love to eat. I love to eat good food, but we can't afford to eat out very often, so I had to learn to cook. I'm not great, but I can find my way around a stove and an oven.

I also hate vegetables. Or, I used to hate vegetables. Growing up, my mother would say every afternoon around 5:30pm - "Go pick a vegetable out of the pantry." The choices were creamed corn or green beans. We branched out big time when we discovered Green Giant frozen vegetables. Woo hoo. I liked Bird's Eye green beans with spaetzle (what ever happened to that?). In college, I learned to steam fresh vegetables, which I did faithfully, but still didn't enjoy them much.

Imagine my surprise to learn that vegetables can actually be tasty, if prepared correctly. My children don't agree, but they'll come around, probably when they turn 40.

We are also doing our best to be green. We get a box of local, organic produce delivered every two weeks, and on the off weeks I shop the farmer's markets. I buy organic whenever I can, but at the same time, I'm trying to shave at least a hundred off our $700/month grocery tab.

So, here are my favorite recipe/food blogs. To be a favorite, it has to feature simple, healthy recipes, especially for vegetables. Most of the recipes have to take 30 minutes or less (and I mean 30 minutes from start to finish - not Rachael Ray's 30-minutes-if-you-have-a-staff-to-cut-everything-up-for-you-first). If you know of any others, link us up.

Kitchen Parade
Seasonal recipes for healthy cooking.

Chronicles of a Curious Cook
The focus on this one is more about saving money, which is helpful. It's a local, Bay Area blog.

Everybody Likes Sandwiches
Not just about Sandwiches.

Frigidaire Pair
By one of my favorite bloggers and chefs, Robin, and her friend, the Other Robin.

The Great Big Vegetable Challenge
A mother and son are working their way through vegetables from A to Z. They're on Tomato now.

Green Lite Bites
By a woman who successfully lost 70 lbs. Some of the recipes use more processed ingredients than I like, but she has some good ideas for reworking comfort food staples.

The Kitchn
Frankly, I can't keep up with this one. Bloglines says I have 200 unread posts. Everything about the kitchen, in detail. Great for research if you need a new coffeemaker, say, or want to display your cookie cutters.

Make Your Own Damn Dinner
This is from Badger, another favorite blogger. Like me, she looks for simple, healthy ways to feed her family.

Simply Recipes
Good archive.

101 Cookbooks
By the author of Simply Natural Cooking. This is where I got my current favorite lunch - green vegetables sauteed and served with lemon zest and a splash of cream (1/2 and 1/2 for us).

Geez, I never realized I had so many. No wonder I need quick recipes. I'm spending all my time reading the food blogs.


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