Thursday, May 15, 2008

Detritus of Our Kitchen

Because Sarah told me to.

The top of our microwave. Looks like we've been feeling a little sick. Plus, a photo G's sister took of a produce stand in Italy, our pitcher of kitchen tools, a small bowl of cinnamon sugar, an ear of popping corn, and sunblock.

The edge of our kitchen table. We eat on the other 3/4 of the table. There are herbs A. and Ben started from seeds from Grandma, a lima bean plant A. grew in kindergarten, photo coasters from my sister, a drawing by A. of himself and his teacher (who's shorter and in purple), a mother's day card from my other sister, and my nephew's high school graduation announcement. Oh, and some wipes, of course.

My diamond necklace kitchen faucet. It's a really nice kitchen faucet and G. wanted it.

Our bread basket, with bread, fruit snacks and a random eyeglass case.

My sustenance. You can't see it in the photo, but the time is totally wrong.


Sarah O. said...

The top of your microwave looks like the corner of my breakfast bar I never photograph: The catch-all meds and whatever center. Every kitchen needs one.

The edge of you kitchen table is so sweet. I keep wipes by the table to this day. My son's still a mess.

Ooooh, your faucet's prettier than mine! Funny the kitchen things guys really, really want. Mr. Lemony was thrilled when I gave him one of those $300 toasters for his birthday years ago when we seriously could not afford it. It looked cool but never toasted all that well.

Your counters are beautiful. Black stone counters (granite?) always look so elegant.

I can tell your coffeemaker works hard. As a person who truly cannot function before TWO mugs of morning coffee, I salute you.

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