Monday, June 02, 2008

The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent....

...was summer in San Francisco. (attributed, maybe falsely, to Mark Twain).

It's the beginning of summer here. The boys and I went to the local cherry festival here over the weekend, and helped ourselves to cotton candy chocolate. It was COLD. The hot chocolate was amazing, though.

If you go to a local festival, and there's a shaved ice booth selling hot chocolate, ask the guy if the chocolate is from a special powder he got while working as a chef in New Orleans, and if he says, "Yes," buy some immediately.


Sarah O. said...

Just the other day I was talking with a guy who also chose to live in Boulder's Micro Silicon Valley about the pitfalls of the real SV. He wistfully longed for the Bay Area's "great weather".

I couldn't control my astonishment. I've been to the Bay Area many times, always in the summer and I've always frozen my patootie off. In fact, when Mr. Lemony and I have discussed the times we've been the coldest, we fondly recall the -28 degree day in Chicago (-84 wind chill!!!) first.

Then Mr. Lemony recalls the Candlestick Park business event at which he was so cold he called me to cry about how he bought an $80 Giants jacket that wasn't working and how he wished he could come home.

I recall the day the family went whale watching at Half Moon Bay, I braved the miserable cold, went inside the boat, saw the horizon dip and joined our son in throwing up all over the place.

Mark Twain knew his stuff.

Lunasea said...

Oh, well, yeah, Candlestick Park. Brrrr.

We don't get much snow, though. That makes it easier. Or tornadoes. Or hurricanes.

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