Thursday, June 05, 2008


Yeah, I don't really believe that everyone born in a certain month would have similar characteristics just because they were born in that certain month. But, as I posted before with Ben and the Pisces identifiers, I have to admit that the description of a Virgo fits A. pretty darn well. Those of you who have followed his adventures in real life or this blog, I think, will agree.

"A child born in September is usually more quiet, calm and peaceful than the other children. At the same time, he is also quite attentive, observant, quick and swift.The Virgo child is highly inventive and can usually come up with sound, workable ideas at an early age. Their curiosity and desire to know everything are evident very early; while in the crib they will observe and study everything that is going on around them."

In the hospital, we have pictures of the newborn A. staring, with true wonder, at whoever was holding him. He had a powerful early stare. He also focused across the room very early. I'll see if I can dig up some pics.


gwendomama said...

Wow. I just realized that I am a virgo (like your son) and my son is a scorpio (like you).

cosmic, dude.

so, will we meet at blogher and will you ask to push my finger?

Sarah O. said...

I don't believe much in astrology except when people fit their sign's personalities too well. Mr. Lemony is the perfect Leo and my daughter's the classic Saggitarius. The rest of us? I'm not so sure. I mean, just what is a Libra dog supposed to act like?

A. was such a wise looking baby!

Lunasea said...

Gwendo - I''m trying to register but the site's been down...but if we do, I will definitely want to push your finger, but I will ask first.

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