Monday, June 23, 2008

Even More Fun with a Cold!

I was really hoping to get a good night's sleep last night, since I have a cold and 5 clients in a row today.

12am: Idiot neighbors across the street decide to celebrate July 4th a week and a half early and set off several rounds of fireworks. A fine thing to do in the middle of the night while neighbors have to work the next morning.

2am: Our smoke detector goes off because I have the windows open wide to cool the house down, and the winds have blown smoke from the various wildfires around Northern California into our house.

4am: Ben wakes up and must join us in our bed, and can only sleep if he is lying on top of my head.

6am: Give in and get up.


Missy said...

Ouch. Here's to a better day (and night) tomorrow.

Sarah O. said...

So I take it all the thoughtful nodding you did during sessions was actually nodding yourself awake?

The other possibility, given that 24 hours without sleep constitutes the equivalent of having had a few cocktails, is that you mouthed off to your more annoying clients.

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