Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Which I Clean My Tub

Because I'm a big-name blogger with dozens of readers daily sometimes, I occasionally get free swag to try out. I enthusiastically try out everything I'm sent, with the hopes that someone will someday give me a new vacuum, a backscratcher or perhaps a trip to a spa. We really need a new vacuum. I really would like a trip to a spa. But I'll be happy with a backscratcher.

So the most recent padded envelope sent to me was a new tub cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber. (Hey. I'm not too proud to pimp a bathroom cleaner if it will eventually lead to a vacuum or maybe a trip to a resort). Like a good blogger, I took photos of each step.

I was going to present, as exhibit A, the 4 foot high dirt pile in my neighbor's yard that the kids have taken to sliding down on their tummies. The neighbors removed the pile today, though, so you'll just have to imagine it.

I can, however, present as exhibit B, the bathtub after washing all that dirt off the boys. Yuck. Perfect time to put my free bathroom cleaner to the test.

I pulled out the green foam handle thingy. ("Oooh! Glamour shot!" says G.)

I pulled out the packet of pads, STOPPED! and noted that I needed to attach the Printed Blue side to the handle thingy!!

I read the directions, even though I probably could have figured out how to do it myself. But I take my reviewing responsibilities seriously.

I had trouble opening the packet of pads.

This would be the Printed Blue side, with graphics in case you forgot the directions while you were fighting with the packaging.

This would be the white side. Not sure why there'd be any confusion, except the white side is sort of velcro-y, so maybe people's natural inclinations would be to attach that side to the handle.

The Printed Blue side attaches to the green handle like this. It holds firmly.

The set comes with a plastic tub to hold your spare pads, and has a place for the handle thingy to rest on.

I wet the pad under the sink. Don't look too closely at our sink. This bathroom is usually G's domain/responsibility, so I was really proving my dedication to receiving free stuff by cleaning the tub which is in his bathroom.

I couldn't get a photo of me scrubbing the tub without dropping the camera, so you'll just have to use your imagination. I have to say, it worked extremely well. A quick swish and a swipe, with no real scrubbing at all, and the tub was clean. I was pretty impressed. The handle keeps your hands dry and out of the cleaning solvent, and the pad gets thrown out.

You should know, I really hate cleaning the bathroom. And I'm really pretty bad at it. So this was probably the easiest way to clean the tub I've tried yet. Thank you, Scrubbing Bubbles. Do you guys sell a backscratcher?


Sarah O. said...

You've sold me! Only problem is, now that I want to buy this, I'll probably have to use it. And God forbid my teens clean anything.

Do the Scrubbing Bubbles people sell a companion contraption that suspends me over the tub, Tom Cruise Mission Impossible-style?

LOVE the pic of you biting the package open.

Noel said...

LLOL. How do I get on the list to get swag like this?

Lunasea said...

Well, when you get those mass e-mails that start out, "We're looking for mothers who blah blah blah...." - sign up.

Broadway Bloopers said...

You have made me laugh out loud TWICE today.... AT WORK! If you keep this up, I might send you a backscratcher just for making my day. :)

Good sell too- I almost considered cleaning my bathroom.

Anonymous said...
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