Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Papa's Day!

This morning we did the whole breakfast-in-bed thing and I even fried eggs for the very first time. I think they were OK. G's still alive, so I count it as a success.

The boys presented G. with their present, a tool box custom designed and signed by the artists themselves.

Last month, for Mother's Day, the boys did a great sign for me:

It only required some minor modifications for today:

That's the great thing about leaving signs up for months.

Then it was off to Marine World Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Ben made friends with Tweety Bird.

And Aidan enjoyed the chocolate ice cream.

The koi was very disappointed that we had no food.

But the walruses were happy with the fish the boys threw at them.

We visited Thomas Town.

I can't wait until the boys are old enough to ride Tony Hawk's Big Spin with me. It looks like a blast.

You'd think when you have boy offspring that you would for sure have companions to ride the roller coasters, especially if you have a husband who gets sick watching a merry-go-round. But neither boy agreed with me that this ride looked like fun, which concerns me. I'm really hoping that when they get tall enough (which could be decades, anyway), they change their minds.


Missy said...

That looks like a great day. Now I want to go ride a roller coaster!

Sarah O. said...

Oh my, the Big Spin looks like a major vomit inducer.

Your family is so cute - it's great to get a good look at all of you.

The picture of Ben with Tweetie is so sweet!

The koi picture is amazing. And what fun, feeding the walruses!

What a great day.

Carrie said...

I would *totally* go on that roller coaster with you.

gwendomama said...

being the roller coaster fanatic that i am (was trained to be by wearing higher shoes than necessary) i would TOTALLY GO ON THAT ANYTIME WITH YOU, 6times repeated.

much love,

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