Friday, June 06, 2008

Not Kidding

Here are the pics of A. in his first week or so, when he was So Startled at Everything!

Just born, when I met him for the very first time:

His expression in that one is not as startled as, "I thought you were NEVER gonna come in and get me. How long did it take you to figure out I wasn't going to squeeze through that hole? Idiots."

In his car seat:
In his swing for the first time:

See what I mean? He looked like a very surprised little old man, but he was very observant and has remained so.

In other A. news: He's writing another book. He's already got the contents listed - he has alloted a page to each of the 25 or so things he wants to write about. I believe it will be an authoritative treatise on everything of interest to him. Topics range from Egypt to platypuses to Neptune.

He's done some work on the first page, "Aliens." So far it says: "Some aliens have three eyes, but some do not, but the ones that have two eyes have six arms."

So now you know.


Sarah O. said...

My son looked like an old man when he was a baby. But he wasn't that alert!

I'm not surprised that A. was so alert from the start. He's so observant and deep. No doubt you've got another PhD in the family!

Lunasea said...

That's probably at least in part because he came out already 2 weeks old.

Beastarzmom said...

That sweet little face. I want to go back in time and chew on him again.

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