Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally Someone Agrees to Meet Me

I got to meet Gwendomama today! How lucky am I? A., Ben and I also met her beautiful sparkly children. Her children made mine look like total amateurs because even Bubbles went happily on the rides while mine acted like we were suggesting they jump off cliffs into shark-infested waters (BTW, anyone need about $40 of Boardwalk ride tickets?).

We did talk them into the merry-go-round, but my boys ignored the horses and determinedly sat on the chariot-style bench - you know the ones they have on there for grandmas who can't climb but still want to ride with their grandkids? Yeah. As soon as we sat down, Ben started looking around and groused, "Why is there no seat belt on this?"

Me: "Because people don't usually fall off these, honey. Really. It's not that dangerous."

At bedtime we revisited the thrill ride and I reminded him, "You ended up being OK on the merry-go-round, weren't you?"

Ben: "I was OK as soon as I got off."

Anyway, the kids frolicked on the beach, too, and found some ditch water with questionable gaseous eruptions to play in, so that was fun and kept them busy while we chatted.

Anyway, Gwendomama and her heirs are just as great as I thought they'd be. There will be reunions, although my kids will probably insist on being pushed in wheelchairs, just in case.


Kelley said...

Lalalalalalalala not listening.

The jealousy will consume me.

gwendomama said...

HAHAHAHAHahahaha. Still laughing over here about the merry go round comment WHAT NO SEATBELTS?

I have the funniest picture to send you - the kids look absolutely terrified on the BENCH OF THE CAROUSEL! is it wrong that i think that is so amusing??

Cindy said...

Very lucky. Meeting other bloggers is fun, no?

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