Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm Here! I'm Here!

As Sarah so astutely pointed out, I changed my blog banner back to my old coffee-stained one because I liked it, it was non-controversial and it matched my BlogHer cards (I think I gave out four...wouldn't want to confuse those four people).

I've been waiting to post again to see if I could get up to 15 comments on that last post, but y'all are taking too long. Thanks to those of you who took one for the team and commented twice.

On our trip to Portland, G and I had our anniversary dinner at a great North Portland restaurant called Lovely Hula Hands (You'd think it would be Hawaiian food, but it's not):

It's on N. Mississippi, which G remembers, when he was a kid, as the part of town you stayed out of. It's had a resurgence of activity and new businesses and is now one of the up-and-coming spots to dine and shop, not to mention live.

My favorite sights on the streets were these little cafes made out of trailers. This one was a breakfast spot, and they were holding a puppet show in the back this evening:

I believe this one was also a coffee place:

And here is the neighborhood Filipino restaurant:

I loved that there was enough space left for these trailers to have a large lot and picnic tables and still do business. I wonder if in a few years they will be gone, though - pushed out to make more room for hipster baby and pet stores. (Not that there's anything wrong with hipster babies and pets).


Kelley said...

I would love to go to one of those places!

You never know, they just may become hip and happenin' and booked out months in advance. Stranger things have happened.

And I love your header, it is so real and cool!

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

Looks like a good time! Enjoy your visit!

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