Thursday, August 07, 2008


Ben finally has a big-boy bed. We'd actually had it in the garage for a while, since it was handed down to us last year. We took down the crib (that has been in the same spot for over 6 years now...sniff) and set the bed up last week. It's a trundle bed and damn, it's heavy.

While setting it up, I realized we have no twin sheets in the house, so I took the boys with me and let Ben pick out his own sheets. A true Disney drone, he picked WALL-E sheets. He loves his new bed.

Too bad he won't sleep in it.


Anonymous said...

Put a giant cardboard box on top of the bed. Then he'll sleep in it. Hehehe

Sarah O. said...

Oh, now that's just too adorable!

I'm going to cry a little now.

Donna said...

That's funny... although, he could sleep like my neice like this

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