Saturday, August 09, 2008

When Life Gives You 250 Lemons....

I picked over 250 lemons off our lemon tree today. No joke. Some had obviously been on there a while, but they'll still work for juice. And I couldn't even reach a bunch at the very top. I was embarrassed by how many were going bad when there were people who could probably use them right in our neighborhood.

So I loaded them, 15 to a bag, into our stroller, grabbed A. and Ben and headed off into the neighborhood. It was surprisingly hard to give away free bags of lemons.

For one thing, where the hell does everyone go on Saturday afternoon? What do you people have going on that we are missing?

For another, just as we have an overachieving lemon tree in our backyard, so do many of our neighbors.

We did eventually manage to give away all 16 bags. We lucked out when the door was answered by someone who didn't speak English and was confused by A. yelling, "Lemon Delivery! Free Lemons! We picked 300 lemons off our tree!" So we'd just hand them the bag and run. Ha ha! You cannot escape the Lemon People!

Later I asked A., "We? I picked all the lemons by myself, as I recall."

"Oh yeah. Ben and I were inside counting our money."


On Fridays we head out to Art class and Gymnastics. Yesterday I loaded the boys into the car, telling them we were going to Gymnastics which starts at 9:30am.

Halfway there, I started thinking, wait a second. Is Gymnastics first? No wait, Art is first, because I remember running out of there last week to get to Gymnastics on time. But that would make Art class at 9:30 - that doesn't sound right. I thought Art was at 10:30.

Me: "Hey, A? Last week? Did we go to Art or Gymnastics first?"

A: "Ummmmm. I don't remember."

Me: "I think we went to Art first because remember we had to leave Art in a hurry to get to Gymnastics?"

A: "Oh yeah. Yeah, I think Art was first."

Me: "Yeah, I think so too, but I didn't think it was until 10:30, which would make us a whole hour early and that doesn't seem right."

A: "This is very strange."

Me: "Hmmm. Well, I thought for sure Art was at 10:40 and Gymnastics was at 9:30, but now I think I have it backwards. We'll just head to Art first and see what happens."

A: "This is getting stranger and stranger."

Me: "Yeah, well, welcome to my brain."


We were supposed to have our French Doors installed over a month ago, but the header part (the part on top) had a big split in it so we're waiting for a new one.

While watching the Olympics last night, they showed that Home Depot commercial where all the employees who are in the games are featured.

G: Hey, Home Depot! Deliver our doors! That'd be an Olympic feat!
Me: Yeah, that's why our doors aren't here! They're all over in China!


heyitsbeej said...

Your lemons + my berries + a bottle of vodka = a party just waiting to happen.

Broadway Bloopers said...

You guys have way too much fun....

Lunasea said...

Mmmm. Sounds good. Come to California. We got lots o' lemons out here. In fact, I was just checking out recipes for homemade limoncello and am now a little annoyed that I gave all those lemons away.

You know it, BB. It's always a party waiting to happen over here.

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