Sunday, August 31, 2008

Think Cosmically, Act Locally

So I saw this idea somewhere and stole it. I gave A. three yogurt containers and had him label one "spend," one "give," and one "save." The idea, of course, is that he's supposed to get used to dividing the money he earns in those three ways.

He's excited about the idea of choosing his own charity. What he's retained from our explanations about charities is that there are homeless people, there are people who don't have enough to eat, and there are animals that are endangered. He's a little fuzzy on the details, but who isn't?

So he decorated his "give" container with a homeless alien (can't you tell?), and was a little disappointed to find that there are no charities assisting homeless aliens in returning to their planets of origin. His next idea was to save the crabs. I don't know what his fascination with crabs is about, but it's hung on for a long time. I really do want him to choose his own, but....crabs?

He hasn't figured it all out yet, and by the time he does, who knows? Maybe we'll be collecting money to send some creature back to Mars.


KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

Okay that is the cutest idea ever! I need to do that with Muirne. She would dig it and I know what her charity would be. The Kitten Rescue. Yeah...she likes kitties. We don't have any, my MIL has NINE. Guess where my MIL volunteers?

Anyhoo, VERY cute. Oh and what about some sort of Marine rescue group? THat would include crabs being that they are marine/sea animals, right?

Vee said...

this is such an amazing, good idea for kids. when i'm a mother, you can bet i'll do it, too.

Lunasea said...

Yeah, we're leaning toward an ocean-like group.

I saw this idea on - but I've seen it many places. People get very creative with their jars, and now, of course, toy companies have developed ones along this theme that you can buy.

Carrie said...

I love that idea. I'm definitely going to file it away for future use (and pass it along to all my mommy friends).

And I'm sure if you were in NM, A. could find an Homeless Alien rescue group what with Roswell and Los Alamos both here.

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