Saturday, August 21, 2004

A Few Perfect Hours

G's brother and his family are in town from Oregon, so we were supposed to go play and have dinner with them where they're staying, about an hour away. Last night G. asked if wanted to go, and I said, "I sort of assumed I was." Then the brain started working. Hmmmm. Maybe I don't HAVE to go. Maybe I can send G. and A. off into the sunset and have a couple of hours here alone! By myself! Without the monitor on!

So I did. I like these people very much, but when a hectic afternoon with family and 7 kids is compared with a few hours off-duty....well, I think we all know what the answer is.

Here's what I did: wrote in my journal, napped, ate potato chips and cottage cheese (that's what I eat when I'm pregnant), read an entire magazine, surfed the internet, and weeded out some of my old magazines that have piled up in our bedroom. Oh, and just to be productive, a load of laundry which I'm waiting on right now so we can sleep on clean sheets tonight. I loooove clean sheets. I'm craving chocolate, and found a box of sugar-free chocolate pudding in the cabinet, so I made it and you know what? I can't finish it. I only ate about half (everyone knows that one of those little boxes = one serving). What's wrong with me? Guess I'll have to finish it tomorrow.

It was a good evening. Sleeping for most of it makes it go by too fast, but still felt good. G. came home a few hours ago, said the trip was fun but exhausting and promptly passed out on the unmade bed. I'm gonna have to go push him off the bed now so I can sleep on the nice clean sheets.


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