Sunday, August 08, 2004

Quick change of plans

I'm currently embedded in Portland, OR. A few hours after G's mom and sister arrived in CA on Friday, we heard that his grandma (G's mom's mom) had died, so we all headed up here yesterday. They went to mass, and being the bad daughter-in-law, I'm savoring a bit of time here alone.

One thing I love about Portland is the trees. They're freakin' everywhere. This is quite a contrast to our neck of the woods, where people cut down trees every day. They're too messy, they get tangled in the wires, they might hurt the house's foundation. ?????? Back in Berkeley, where I used to live, you needed a dispensation from the pope to cut down a tree.

It's supposed to be hot today and we left our A/C in California.

Enough griping - G's grandma lived to be 100 years old. She was quite a woman - I met her at the party for her 96th birthday and she was still living alone and walking 3 miles a day. The last year had been really hard for her because she'd lost her eyesight so couldn't do any of the things she used to love. Now she's in a better place (I believe), and has left the world with many devoted children and grandchildren. Thanks, Catherine, for begetting Joan, who begot my husband and A's papa.


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