Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm not answering my phone this week.

John McCain won't stop calling. He even had his wife call to see if I would pick up. Mit keeps calling, too, although he's not as obsessed with me as John seems to be. Really, John, if you're reading this, it's not going to work out between us. You've gotta stop calling me.

"But Lunasea," I can hear you saying, "I didn't know you were Republican." I'm not. But 4 long years ago, my BIL made a donation in my name to the Republican party. And gave them my phone number.

Lonely? Tired of coming home and not having messages on your answering machine? Give $10 to the Republicans. They will NEVER leave you alone. Even after you send back their mailings with "I'M A DEMOCRAT. STOP WASTING YOUR POSTAGE ON ME," scrawled all over them in black Sharpie.

Just because I drew a few doodles on BIL's portrait of George and Laura. And I might have signed him up to host a house party for John Kerry in 2004 and I might have added his name to a couple mailing lists. He's moved like, 10 times since then, and I haven't. So the Democrats can't find him anymore and the Republicans are in danger of having me file a restraining order on them. So I guess he wins. OK! I give up!

Just as long as I win in November.


Gary Reed said...

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Gary Reed
Forum Editor

Sarah O. said...

Well, I'm no Gary Reed from the Sac Bee but I've left you a little kudo at my blog.

This is your day!

Gary Oxford said...

Wow. You're going to be a famous blogger. And I can say I knew you back when.

Now's not the time to give up. You need to donate in your BIL's name to Planned Parenthood, because once we donated, they wouldn't leave us alone. Or even better, get a copy of The Watchtower and fill in the card requesting more information in your BIL's name.

Lunasea said...

Ooooh! Good ideas! I may have to venture off the political issues and go for the negative attack.

Anonymous said...

BIL says: we are just even now, don't get stupid!!

Thumper said...

Sheesh, you don't even have to donate. I've been getting calls from Hillary and Obama and McCain and Huckabee, Romney AND ROMNEY'S WIFE!

The last two days have been insane with phone calls. The one that freaked me out the most was a Romney call that started out with "Hello Thompson family."

I hung up, but then had that brief thought, "What if I just hung up on Romney and not just his recording?"

I felt good about it ;)

Beastarzmom said...

With little K out sick yesterday, I was working at home. I got calls from Ellen Tauscher on behalf of Hillary, John McCain, Mitt, Mike, various other teacher types and some young sounding kid who called at 8:15 pm, wondering if I'd consider getting out to vote. I thought he was stupid because everyone knows the polls close at 7. uhhhh. That's me - up to date on everything new.
Anyway - I did NOT hear from Obama, Bill nor Arnold, and I'm sadly disappointed. But I'm sure it allowed me to get a little more work done. Thanks guys!
btw - you rock - First the Parent's Press award and now the Sac Bee! Wheee! Maybe you can support us all in our old ages. (if you don't consider that being right now, that is!)

Carrie said...

NM is a swing state. We're registered as an Independent and DNS (which is "declined to state" on the voter registration form although the initials are "did not say"). We get phone calls ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I'm so ready for November that it's not even funny. And until then, I'm not answering the phone.

Anonymous said...

SIL, youv'e got to admit that for $10 you can't get much more bang for the buck in this world than this.
It's one thing to get punked, it's another to turn it into an award winning series, your writing rocks!!
If I didn't love you would I go to this effort?

Lunasea said...

Dude, you soooo got your money's worth for that $10! And I'm touched. Really I am.

Lunasea said...

Big sis told you to come back over here and be nice to me, huh?

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