Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Semi-Annual Paper Clip Sale

Is a "Bi-annual" sale held twice a year or every two years?

Anyway, A. decided it was time for another paper clip sale. His first was so successful that his grandmother began smuggling whole packages of paper clips back from Japan and China for him, which he uses as a selling point ("These came all the way from China!"), although really, they're not that different from American paper clips (sorry, Mom).

Our neighbor kindly came over and bought $5 worth of paper clips from him, mostly because I'd paid her son $5 earlier to wash my car. A. really wanted to sell one paper clip for $100, but he's not completely grasping the laws of supply and demand, or for that matter, competitive pricing. The ones on the left are marked $100 each. She talked him down to two for a dollar 'cause she's a shark like that. The lone gold clip is $10, the plastic clips are $50, and the plain silver ones are .25 each.

The best part, though, was when there was a lack of foot traffic and I suggested off-handedly, "Hey, A., you should make one of those big signs like the guys we see on the corner waving the arrows pointing at the new housing development down the street." He took the idea and ran with it, hiring G. as his human directional and showing him which way to point the arrow.


jessmonster said...

He has the same business sense as my cousin, who tries to resell fireworks (that his parents bought) on the 4th of July for exorbitant prices. Love the arrow.

Sarah O. said...

AAAACK!! I can't STAND how cute your whole family is!

And thanks for being my Facebook buddy. I agree, Facebook IS confusing. If you're old like me, anyway.

Oh, and I still think of nuns as full habit garbed knuckle whackers. I just can't handle nuns who dress like real people. Although I'm a WASP, old school nuns have always fascinated me.

Beastarzmom said...

Think of the memories this kid is going to have of his childhood!
"Remember when I used to have paperclip sales? That was so fun!"
"Remember when Papa held up the arrow for me?"
Man, he's going to have some super great stories. And this blog will serve as documentation of all his exploits.
Nice job, mama.

Lunasea said...

We are trying very hard to have kids who say, "I had a happy childhood," at least once before they start railing on the neurotic mother stuff in therapy.

Carrie said...

I'm always looking for paper clips at work--it seems they just vanish. I'm afraid I'd have to stick with A's plain silver ones, though. With shipping fees, A.'s other paper clips might be out of my reach. :)

Broadway Bloopers said...

Oh that G.... What a trooper! Do you think I could hire him as MY human directional so he can point casting directors and producers my way? I think he has a natural gift.

Lynelle said...

Good words.

JenK said...

I bet he could have gotten $100 for those clips if he had insisted they were rare and special. Confidence is everything. Also? He may have needed an Ebay account to pull it off. Whatever.

Really. Adorable. Really.

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