Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Toxic Schmoxic

A.'s doing way better. The new doctor yesterday told us that he'd be feeling better very quickly, like, by the hour, and he was right. He also agreed with me that there was no reason he couldn't go to school if he could put weight on his toxic leg. By last night, A. was getting around just fine, unless I pointed out his recovery, which immediately sent him back to limping pathetically.

This morning he was fine, too, until we asked him to walk on it to see the extent of the limp, if any. It was remarkable. The toxic hip is just so sensitive that the second it realizes it's being observed, it stops working. A. suddenly couldn't put any weight on it and fell to the ground twice. "That's some good acting," observed G. So A.'s off to school today, to our relief.

In other news....nope, no other news.


Sarah O. said...

Yep, this is EXACTLY how my daughter's TS went. Happily, she forgot to remember to limp after a few days.

Also, I just now Googled Fox news leg crossed problem and found your blog. Whee!

And everybody knows that Lifetime Channel sucks.

Gary Oxford said...

Sounds like Toxic Synovitis may be caused by quantum fluctuations in the gel/sol equilibrium of joint proteoglycans, and, like all quantum processes, thereby sensitive to observer effects as predicted by Schrodinger. You need to write this up and send it to Nature.

Lunasea said...

Sarah: A. forgot to limp this morning, so I think we're in the clear.

Gary: Exactly what I was trying to say.

Anonymous said...
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