Thursday, February 07, 2008

So Sarah gave me a sweet You Make My Day award. This is a pay-it-forward kind of meme where you honor the blogs that make you happy.

So first off, I have to put my sister down because she's my sister and it always makes my day when she updates. Of course, if she really cared about my happiness, she'd do it more often. But then again, she was also the one who told me the boogey man was right there over on the neighbor's lawn coming to get me.

Next I've got to give a "right back at'cha" to Sarah. She's funny, smart, interesting, she posts daily and she comments a lot over here at the Lunasea. So I owe her, big time. And, she almost lived near me.

I'm also a big fan of Poppy Mom. She never fails to crack me up, and I love her honesty about the trials of motherhood. She's a fantastic writer, and a pretty good cook, too. I totally want to have her and Clara Jane over for coffee.

Jenny at ljcfyi has already been honored, but I have to include her too because hers was the first blog I read where I realized, "Hey, I could write about everyday life, and it might be fun!" She's insanely creative and upbeat and her blog posts always cheer me up.

And, of course, Dr. Corndog. God, he's funny. And nice. And smart. My eyes light up when there's a new post in my bloglines.

That's five, right? Geez, I could do so many more. Probably tomorrow.


Sarah O. said...

Awwww. And I still may live near you. I know the Silicon Valley's in my future. Bleah. Except for the part where I'd live near you!

Beastarzmom said...

Thanks. I think.

I don't remember telling you anything about that boogeyman, but I just might have to look into that a little more - making me feel guilty and all...

Lunasea said...

Don't worry - I checked it out. He's not really over there.

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