Thursday, February 21, 2008

ISO Green Food

Ben's birthday is just 5 days before St. Patrick's Day. Back when G and I were dating, I began the tradition of serving an all-green dinner for the holiday. I chose green food rather than Irish cuisine because, believe it or not, there's more variety and the Irish aren't exactly known for their cooking.

We've had variations on this theme through the years, and this year we're combining an all-green buffet (yum!) with Ben's third birthday. That gives us an excuse to get it all done early, but frees me from having to organize three-year-old party games.

So far, here is the food I've come up with. If you can think of a green food that's not on here that would be suitable for a buffet, PLEASE share.

spinach pasta with pesto
chicken breasts with parsley sauce
lime jello
peas and bacon (or other green vegetable)
creamed spinach
green beans with herb sauce

green m&ms
green jelly bellies

Maybe colcannon (with brussel sprouts instead of cabbage to make it greener)
Probably irish soda bread although it's not green. Green bread would be kind of gross.

No corned beef or cabbage.

Of course, Guinness and Irish Coffee. Maybe Irish Flags, but they're tricky to do right.

I might need to rent some of those heated serving dishes, huh? Anyone ever done that?


Anonymous said...

Parsley, Chives or Cilantro on baked potatoes would work. How can you serve Irish food without potatoes? You can use green food coloring in cookies or cake.
Knot Mom

HeyItsBeej said...

Is there gonna be cake? How's about some green mint chocolate chip ice cream to go with that cake?

Anonymous said...

I made these for a class party last year. They were a huge hit.

Anonymous said...
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Lunasea said...

Knot Mom - Colcannon is potatoes, and I'll add something green to it. I might do green meringue cookies, too. You have to be careful what you add green food coloring to, y'know? Cause sometimes it's just gross.

Beej - Yes. I love Mint Choc Chip ice cream. Good call.

Anon - thanks for the link - I'll check those out.

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