Sunday, May 18, 2008

Torture Devices

I wear these heels maybe once a year. I bought them to go with the black and white dress that I also wear about once a year. I realize they're not totally in style - I got them 3 years ago and can't stomach paying for another pair when I so rarely wear them. Besides, I've never liked super-pointy toes and those seem to be big this year.

I used to be able to dance the night away in shoes like these. Now I think all I will remember about G's 25-year college reunion is how much my feet hurt. Do you know how much time is spent at reunions just standing around? I had to go to the bathroom just so I could sit for a minute.


Carrie said...

At least you wore your shoes in the bathroom. At the 8th grade dance on Friday, I shuddered when I saw all the girls in the restroom without their shoes one. Ew. That ranks really high on my skeeve factor (and I hang out with middle school students so I'm used to most gross things).

Lunasea said...

Oh, that would've been a good idea to take a pic in the bathroom....I took the one up there in the hallway.

ITA on the ick factor. But I have to admit, I get less icked the more alcohol I've had and probably have been barefoot in the bathroom a time or two. But I sure as hell won't let my kids touch the floor and would probably be icked completely out if they wanted to use a public restroom barefoot.

Tink said...

Omg! I have the exact same torture devices and I haven't worn them in forever. my pinky toes always slip on the sides and hurt like the dickens when they do.

Sarah O. said...

My feet aren't wide but they're too wide for sexy shoes. Honestly, I wore 1" heels for my wedding and even they killed my feet.

Once I wore a pair of killer (in every way) shoes to a party and changed into sleek bedroom slippers that fit into my purse half an hour later. The only thing people noticed is that I appeared to shrink a few inches.

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