Friday, January 11, 2008

Mea Culpa

My fancy new header is courtesy of Spell with Flickr.

Just for the record, I never claimed it was my work. I put the words together in PSE6 and added a black background and some texture, which I guess is what some other letter generator sites do automatically. Kelly (in the previous post's comments) thought I'd stolen the idea off her blog. Never having seen her blog before, that would have been impossible, but she was quite right that I was being lazy in finding the link to the site. I had put in my credits that I got it "off a flickr widget that I had to find the link for."

When I put up the header, it was late at night. I'd found it through someone else's blog and couldn't remember who, so I figured I'd have to retrace my steps and find it. I hadn't kept the link to the site and I figured I'd get to it in a few days. That was a mistake - I've thought about it and I shouldn't have posted it until I had the link ready to go. It wasn't at all hard to find - google "flickr letter generator" - there are tons out there and the one I used can be found in the very first result. Wish I'd thought of that earlier.

Anyway, I'm sorry my blog has apparently ruined someone's entire morning. Personally, I thought her post was a bit harsh and made a lot of assumptions.


Deirdre said...

Well, heck, you're nothing in the blogosphere until you've ruined someone's day. You've hit the big time!

Or something.

Tempest, meet teapot.

Thumper said...

:::scratches head:::

Why would anyone care if you used a generator for your header, anyway? Or even if your blog resembles their own? It's not like there are many truly original blog layouts out there.

simplicity said...

I didn't understand why it'd be a big deal either. Oh well, what can you do but laugh?

Beastarzmom said...

Hey - I think it's pretty darn cool of you to be able to change the damn thing at all! Given that I have not changed my template from the original one I chose 3 years ago... I might not be a good resource on etiquette.

but sheesh. I think you should really give credit to Al Gore for inventing the whole thing in the first place.

Lunasea said...

Beastie, you make me laugh.

Thanks for helping me keep perspective, everyone.

klrtinkerbelle said...

I'm still pissed as hell at that woman personally. I've seen your comments, but it doesn't make what she did any better. She was waaaaay too snarky and underhanded about everything. As for her "anon means you're cowardly" that just serious BS. I was anon because I don't think it should matter WHO the opinion comes from, but what that person has to say.

Lunasea said...

Thanks, Tink, but I'm cool with it. She posted a comment (after my comments) on her blog post, then deleted it, but I read it before it was deleted and it was actually OK and I think we both regret this spinning out of control. She's got some strong opinions on this subject. I don't think the mistake I made was that earth-shattering. We're just going to have to disagree about it. I'm done with it (I hope).

Anonymous said...
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