Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Adventures in Channel Surfing

1. American Idol: I'm so glad the Hobbit won. I was rooting for him just because I think he'll be fun to watch.

2. You can always find "Sister Act" on some channel, somewhere.

3. The Lite Brite behind Larry King and his guests always distracts me. What are they trying to make? The clown? The butterfly? Oooohhhhh, it's the continents! Guess I didn't get that pattern in my kit.

4. Josh Groban was on PBS tonight, singing on the top of a staircase. G says, "I thought he was blind! He's awfully near the edge of those stairs!" He'd gotten him mixed up with Andrea Bocelli and was afraid he was going to fall down the stairs. HAHAHA! Putting a blind opera singer at the top of the stairs! Perfect entertainment.


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