Saturday, March 06, 2004

So I was supposed to meet TL at Lake Merritt today, but she didn't show. It's the second time she's forgotten - should I take it personally? It's also entirely possible that I got the date and time wrong. I'm a space case lately. So A and I went to Fairyland. What a trip. First off, it's overpriced - $6 for everyone, including babies. It's really just a big playground. A's favorite thing was the leprechaun blowing bubbles on top of a large toadstool. Well. I could've done the same thing at home for much cheaper. I'd even sit on a mushroom for him if he wanted.

Then we met up with Papa and went to Bay Street in Emeryville. It's an urban, upscale, outdoors mall that gets very cold when the sun goes down. While waiting for dinner at CPK on the upper level, I saw two couples standing talking, apparently waiting for their table as well. They had 3 little boys between them, one A's age. He was a scaredy-cat, because every time A approached him to say hi, he ran and hid in his mom's legs (who paid absolutely no attention to him - I started to think he wasn't hers). Granted, A's approach involves running, flailing his arms and screeching, but he was just trying to say "Hi - you're as small as me!" The other two were older. The couples were talking at the top of the staircase that goes down to the shops. Now maybe it's just me, and maybe I'm overprotective, but if I had 3 rambunctious boys, I wouldn't park myself at the top of a concrete staircase. Especially when there was a huge unused square space between the stairs and the restaurant that A was having a grand time running around in. One of the little fellas was especially accident prone and didn't have terribly good judgment. After watching the other two boys run headfirst into the wall and then turn crying to their mamas, he did the exact same thing (and ran away crying). I was afraid A was going to do it too after watching them, but he ran to the wall and stopped just short. (He's SO much smarter). Then little boy tried to do some trick on the banister and fell on his head on a step. One of the women yelled at her husband, "GO GET HIM!" and he snarled back, "I'm trying!" but little Blondie was fastened to his leg. So he shook Blondie off and went to pick up Clutzy. They still didn't move from the top of the staircase. I thought it was strange. Especially since people were coming up and going down the staircase.


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