Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I did see my clients today. Called in sick to St. Martyr's, which wasn't a huge loss because I only had one kid scheduled. But I did see my 6 clients in a row this afternoon/evening, which, for you non-therapist types, is a huge mental drain to have them all in a row like that. But it went well and I was so glad I went. All my clients on Wed are women or couples, and all are facing similiar issues (essentially: should I leave current relationship or not?), but they're all coming at it from such different angles and are at such different developmental levels that it's really interesting. I really felt like I was working with something bigger than me, you know? G once said he liked being a therapist because it gave him a chance to glimpse the human soul on a daily basis. I've always remembered that because it's so true. I wish I could tell you some of their stories, but that wouldn't be cool. Let's just say that with one couple I work with, the stated goal of one partner this week was to reduce the emission of bodily gasses when in mixed company. I thought, "Usually we deal with communication or intimacy, but OK, you gotta start somewhere."


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