Monday, March 15, 2004

Ya know what I hate? Parents. I hate parents. I've gotta meet with Queen of the Bitches on Wednesday morning at St. Martyr's and I just have a feeling she's gonna yell at me because I haven't cured her little princess' insecurity yet. She's insecure because she's the daughter of a Queen Bitch, sweetie. And the worst thing is, I'm all stressed out over this meeting and it's only MONDAY! My assessment period with this 5th grader (who is actually very sweet...too sweet, if you know what I mean) is over and I have to tell the mother my conclusions. This is the same woman who cussed out the school secretary because I'd called her at 9:00pm the night before to cancel an early morning appointment with her because I had strep throat and very possibly SCARLET FEVER!! Excuse me, most people like to know the night before an early morning appt. that it has to be canceled. The principal and the secretary told me "she's just like that." Well, she shouldn't be. She tells me, "You know, this is awfully expensive!" I tell her it's much cheaper than private practice, and she snarls, "I wasn't comparing it to private practice." Well, WTF Are you comparing it to, then? $22.50 per half hour is less than my lowest office fee, darlin'. I don't get paid enough for this crap. This is actually why I stopped working with kids in the first place - the parents make me crazy. And you know what? It might go fine. She was actually OK at the end of our last meeting, so I suppose I shouldn't be freaking out. AND, I've gotta give a talk to the St. Martyr's Parents Club on Thursday night, and genius me forgot to ask if they intended to pay for my time (I'm an independent contractor with them - the parents pay the school for the counseling sessions). What happened to my champagne and sunshine from yesterday, huh?

(Cue New Age Music): This Week's Affirmation: I DO TOO know what I'm doing, damnit.


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