Wednesday, March 24, 2004

AI: I was surprised - I was sure it was Desiree.

Survivor: How funny was that fake tribal council? Rob C. made a good Jeff Probst, although I wanted to hit Tom for making fun of Rupert. And Colby's bow-legged walk from his irritated nether-regions was funny too.

West Wing: Favorite line: "I'm saying this as your friend, which I would be if I looked for different things in friends."

I really, really, really hope A. feels better tomorrow. The last two days have been hell. He's been clingy, whiny and wants to be carried around constantly, which was one thing when he weighed 10 lbs and is quite another now that he's over 20 lbs. Tonight he threw up and we don't know why. No fever that we can detect (I'm still not sure I'm doing that ear thermometer thing right).


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