Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Top o' the Mornin'

Happy St.
Patrick's Day!!

Greg took over our annual all-green dinner tonight since I had to work. Spinach pasta with pesto, shrimp, artichoke hearts and asparagus. No beer, though - ai yi yi. G's obviously not Irish. Don't tell my people that I didn't pull a pint tonight.

The meeting with the mom at school went fine. I was silly to be anxious about it. I'm so glad today is over. Now I've just got my talk to the Parent's Club tomorrow and I'm home free!

Survivor: Lex, Lex, Lex. Yeah, sure, buddy, no hard feelings. He'd better hope the merge is soon because he now has the sorriest tribe ever. Lex, Kathy, Jerri and ShiAnn...yep, lots of challenges to be won there.

American Idol: No surprise - she was awful. I missed the first part because of Survivor. Did they all sing together? I love it when they all sing together. Does this group seem awfully young or is it just me?

Apprentice: So Ereka and Omarosa want talk shows? What on earth have they done to deserve a talk show? The least they could do is pose for Playboy first.

Alias: AAAAARRRRGH!! Here I was all impressed that they were finally showing a shrink with ethics, and the very following week she shows up in Sloan's bed!! You lose your license for that, idiots! No wonder people are threatened by the thought of therapy - they assume we all want to jump in the sack with our clients. Ggggrrrrrr. (Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sure your shrink does in fact want to sleep with you. I'm sure you're his/her favorite client. It's just all these other ones....)


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