Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hiding My Kid's Books

Am I the only mother who hides her child's books so she doesn't have to read certain ones?

A. has this alphabet book that was cute at first. For the letter "A" there's a picture of an apple, but then you lower the flap and it becomes an angel. Every letter has a picture of something that becomes something else. Some are uninspired - Star and Starfish. Some are clever - an Ice Cream Cone turns into an Iguana. Yeah, the first 50 times, maybe. But the alphabet is only so interesting - this book ends with numbers, but I say "The END!!!" before we get there and so far A. hasn't noticed. But now it is somehow shoved under A.'s crib.

"Snowman's Party" bugs me too - it's a very short pop-up one that A. loves. Maybe it's because Santa's head got torn off along with Snowman's arm long ago and I think it's macabre. Here's Santa getting some new socks and he doesn't even have a head. I suppose the Snowman's fate is even worse - in horrible irony, he gets new mittens.

Rainbow Fish is OK, especially since we got the abridged version (I always end it with, "..and the moral is, you can buy your friends.")


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