Friday, May 28, 2004


Yeah, I was MIA this week - Big Sister and Big Niece came and visited and a good time was had by all (especially them the second night when we fixed the hard-as-rock-futon problem).

The SWAN: What the hell was that? I realize I'm late on the bandwagon here, but with so many reality TV shows, sometimes I just watch the final episode. I'm a busy woman, people! So, these women have found new lives and new self-esteem through plastic surgery? They've overcome massive odds to succeed in their makeovers and they feel like new women? As Squeaky Weasel noted, they look like a bunch of drag queens. You know what I think? These women need to go work on a burn unit for a while. Then come back and cry about how awful you had it. I'm all about shallow TV, but this bugged me.

Cuteness: Our little neighbor boy (about 7) plays football with his parents in front of our house after dinner most nights. A. adores him so we go out with our soccer ball and kick it around next to them while I try to keep A. from running into the middle of their game. So A. and I are out there alone one afternoon, and all of a sudden A. grabs the ball, squats to the ground, and says, "Too! Fiiiv! Sik!", drops the ball and runs wildly in a big circle. It took me a couple rounds of this to figure out he was imitating the neighbors playing football. Oh, man, it was funny.

More cuteness: A. resisted baby sign language in the worst way possible. He clearly never got the memo that says babies are supposed to take to this stuff like ducks to water, and would only do the signs for "airplane" and "hot" for months. He absolutely refused to do the sign for nursing, and refused to say anything like "nurse." He preferred to pull on my shirt, and he'd sit up when he was done with one side and I'd say, "Other side?" and he'd say "Yep!" Fine, it got the point across, whatever. But now he's had a leap of little brain development and now says, "Shiiiide!" and "Udder shiide!" for nursing.


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