Monday, May 10, 2004

So how was your...

Mother's Day? Mine was great. G made me this bracelet. How lucky am I to have a husband who makes jewelry? There's a tourmaline for me, a pearl for him, and a sapphire for A in the middle. Not a real sapphire - G learned all about how finding sapphires with holes drilled through is pretty tough, so it's actually a blue crystal. I also got a gift certificate for a pedicure and some money for scrapping supplies or clothes, which I really need. I'm sure my clients are tired of seeing me in one of my two black dresses. I only see clients two days a week, so I just switch them back and forth. Pretty tricky, eh? (Pretty pathetic).

Anyway, A has been so sweet lately - he'll just stop what he's doing and run over with a big smile on his face to give me a hug. He'll want a little cuddle-break in the middle of his playing and then go on his way. I'm loving it.

Oh, hey, SURVIVOR!
I'm still annoyed at Rupert, Big Tom and Jenna for not voting Rob off. Duh. And I also think all the players who complain about being bamboozled should take a cue from Richard Hatch - that's the way you win the game. Everytime you enter into an alliance with someone, you're taking a chance. Isn't that what they all talk about during the game? "I don't know if I can trust so-and-so...." NEWSFLASH: you can't. You're taking a calculated (hopefully) risk. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The reason Rob was in the final two is that he knew that, and he tried to cover himself in case some alliances didn't work. Lex and Kathy took a huge risk by keeping Amber, and they should've known that. Obviously, some thought the friendships would make alliances stronger, but it doesn't.

And, this is going to sound terribly catty, but does anyone else think that being with Rob has turned Amber into a hoochie mama? She looked way better on that island than she did last night. But that's just my opinion - I've never been into the big-hair-Jersey look. She's gonna staht tahking like dis preddy soon.


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