Monday, May 17, 2004

This blog has...

been observing a weekend of silence in honor of Lily Saedis. Her funeral was yesterday, and the burial is today. Our friends are attending the burial and cleaning Ani's house afterwards. My hearts go out to them and the family. A fund has been set up for Lily's family - we hope to buy a leaf on the Tree of Hope for little Lily, as well as help her family with other expenses. A PayPal donation button has been added to the left sidebar.

In other news....

A. is obsessed with cars. It used to be that cars were "cahs" and trucks were "CAHS!" Now he can say "truck," which is good because it lets him give me the status of what type of vehicle is outside our car window as we're driving. Which he does, constantly. When we're outside walking, he has to touch the license plate of each and every car and identify it as a "cah." This means it can take upwards of 15 minutes to walk from our car to the entrance of Target. He woke us up this morning saying, "Cah!Cah!" from his crib because last night he received a generous donation from an 11-year-old friend of all his old Hot Wheels, and he knew they were waiting in the family room. Definitely a boy.

I bought him a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD because judging from the little boys I know, I figured it's just a matter of time before we're Thomas-obsessed too. What a mistake. Why didn't someone warn me about Thomas and his crowd? A bunch of moody train cars that don't even move their mouths when they speak! Sometimes their expression changes - that's it. The people in the story don't move either - they're those plastic fake people you see in train sets. This is the world of Thomas? At least the Teletubbies have arms and legs and actually DO something. Oh - and there are no voices. George Carlin tells the story and it seems, does all the voices, too. I have to switch back to Teletubbies or Playhouse Disney before I lapse into a coma. A's already got an intimate relationship with Thomas - he calls him "Tom" - so it's not going to be easy.


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