Saturday, May 01, 2004

Be Proud! Eliminate Flesh!

It's official: Martini over at Not So Dirty Laundry gets the best Blogger ads. I moseyed over there to read her writings on healing wounds of the broken-heart variety, and saw this ad at the top of the page:

Horse First Aid - Equaide
The Proud Flesh Eliminator. Rapidly heals all types of cuts and wounds.

I'm working on being a Proud Flesh Eliminator, too. Heck, 5 lbs. down, I'm already proud. And, I turned down not only Teddy Grahams but also Double Stuff Oreos at my sister's house tonight!

Yet the question remains: Why do you need to eliminate flesh in order to heal a horse's wound? I fully admit to being quite non-horsey after the unfortunate incident at the Ponderosa when I was 9.


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