Saturday, November 18, 2006

Baby Loves Disco

Today we went dancing at a hot nightclub. With the kids. It's called Baby Loves Disco and it was so much fun. I forgot to take the SD card out of my computer and put it back in my camera (grrrr), so I only got a few photos, but I'll upload them as soon as I find the USB cable. It was fun to be back in a club and reminded me of going dancing every weekend in college. My friends weren't big drinkers, but they were big dancers, and we went to The City as often as we could.

Ben loved the bubble machines, the chocolate kisses and the hula hoops. Not sure what A. liked, since he was feeling a little peaked from the decongestant I'd given him. But when we were driving home, he asked what day we leave for Portland. We told him Tuesday, and he said, "But I wanted to go disco dancing on Tuesday!"

They have a big snack table full of snacks from Trader Joe's and free juice boxes for the kids. Adults have to buy their drinks, but we can get vodka tonics, unlike the short people who get juice. They have a lounge area to chill on pillows and play with toys (lotsa breastfeeding going on there). Yeah, we may do this again.


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