Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pretend We're on Eastern Time

So this post counts as my November 3rd post.

Check this out: Don't Eat It, Steve! Blegh. Wish I'd found this before Halloween. I love StumbleUpon.

Edited to add: You might as well check out all the disgusting stuff he's tried: All the Disgusting Stuff He's Tried


Genevieve said...

I have eaten huitlacoche. More than once.
However, it was in a quesadilla, so it didn't look like THAT. Urgh. It was from an excellent restaurant and was delicious, but I did feel odd eating corn fungus. But I'm a big mushroom fan, so how different is it, really?

I would eat it again, too, but I'd have to banish the mental image from Steve's website. And as for the other disgusting things he's eaten - oh my God. The pupas were the worst.

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