Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Last night, we got to bed around 10:30pm - pretty good, eh? Except for the 4-year-old who felt sick and wanted to sleep with us at 12:00am, then wanted to go out to the family room at 1am, then was still out there at 3am, so I sent G to check on him. He was snoozing while hanging off the ottoman, so he got moved to the couch. Then we all got up at 5am.

It was relatively painless, though. We are a well-oiled machine going through security. Both G. and I strip ourselves of shoes, wallets and cell phones and throw everything into a bin. Then we throw everyone's jackets together into another bin. Then we get the kids out of the strollers, throw the backpacks on the belt; then one of us takes the kids through the detector while the other folds up the stroller and gets it onto the belt. On the other side, we unfold the stroller, throw the kids in, get the backpacks onto the stroller and/or cart, put our shoes and everything else on and we're good to go. Really, we should get it on video. We're that good.

And here we are. The rental car company gave away our car, so we have a huge 4-door bright red pickup outside that I'm afraid to drive. A. is still feverish, but the Jimmy Neutron and Little Einsteins on the iPod during the flight were a godsend. I just wish we had something comparable for Ben. The kid in front of us screamed like a banshee as soon as they put her seat belt on, which I didn't mind at all because then our kids looked like angels in comparison even if Ben loudly and enthusiastically squealed (which is really more like a scream) every now and again. At least he was gleeful about it.

A. got the window seat, of course, and before take-off looked out at all the construction and torn-up tarmac at the Oakland Airport, and said, "What a beautiful view!" Boys.


Boobless Brigade Master said...

Heh heh...I remember Daisy's first flight at age 3 or 4. She looked down on a water department plant at all the big white tanks and very loudly, declared, "Look Mom...a marshmellow field!"
Then she was amazed upon arrival to Atlanta, as we neared the ground she yelled, "Yay! They have a McDonald's here too!"
See...it's not just boys. LOL.

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