Monday, November 06, 2006

In Search of a Happy Ending

A fellow blogger is blogging through the most difficult time: His 29-year-old wife got sick on Halloween with what they thought was the flu and is now critically ill with a mysterious infection. His writing about the roller coaster they've been on for the past few days is compelling and although I hadn't read his blog until today (thanks for the link, Busy Mom)....I'm praying for a happy ending. Please, please, please be OK, GAC. They've got two little boys, like us. C'mon, God, let her see her boys grow up.

I'm listening to "100 Years" as I read it, and I'm also praying a little bit that I have at least 99 years until I have to face anthing like that.


Sarah O. said...

This is just heartbreaking. These things should not happen. We never think that they can. I am so sorry that this family has to go through this much pain.

Maybe it's a wakeup call. I hate wakeup calls.

AT said...

Wish there was a snooze button...
Thanks so much for your words and your support. Words have power, and I've never realized it.
Thanks so much.

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