Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I wrote and lost a whole post on last night, and I'm too cranky to write it again, so I'll summarize it herewith:

1. A. wakes p around midnight crying and snuffling because he can't breathe through his nose. He wakes up Ben, who starts fussing.

2. Take A. into other bedroom, calm him down, take him back into kid's room, lie down with him because he wants Mama instead of Papa.

3. A few hours later, hear Ben harfing in the Pack 'n Play. Try drowsily to clean him up with kleenex before realizing kleenex wasn't made for tasks such as this. Take jammies off, try to wipe vomit out of his hair, walk him around, realize there's no way he's going down without waking up A. Collapse Pack 'n Play and move it into other bedroom. Rock him for hours until he falls asleep.

4. Repeat harfing several times throughout night and through the next day. Wash most every towel and pillow in house. Try to clean harfed-upon carpets.

5. Husband says he's having chills. Take husband's temperature. He doesn't have a fever.

6. Husband's mom takes his temperature with different thermometer. He has a fever. She wins. Happily turn over care of husband to his mom.

So that's been our day. In a way, it's not the worst thing in the world to have this happen here because if I were at home, I'd feel the pressure of housework and other stuff waiting to get done. Here, apart from cancelling plans to see other family members, there's no pressure and I just try to take care of everyone (and do lots of laundry). The bummer is that I don't know where anything is in this house, I feel bad for all the vomit on their towels and linens and I feel I have to apologize for the kids sitting in front of the TV all day. But, there was nothing else to do and they were wiped. I got a nap myself, too, which was nice. I also made myself a little bit useful and hooked up my IL's DVD player (which they got for Christmas last year and which was still in the box).

A. was feeling better today and hasn't thrown up for since the first night, so we're hoping this is a very short-lived virus and everyone will be better by the weekend. Ben hasn't harfed for about three hours now, and has had diarrhea only once (please, God, let that not be tonight's drama).

In the middle of the night last night, I tell you, I was re-thinking this whole motherhood deal. Three nights without sleep and a whole lot of vomit will do that to you. And I thought, what if we had a third child now? I imagined trying to nurse and get an infant back to sleep while rocking Vomit Boy and listening to A. whistle through his nose and decided that A. and Ben will not be getting that little sister, after all.

Edited to add: Ben just harfed all over the crib again. Well, maybe now it's gonna get better.


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