Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tomorrow we go home. Tomorrow we go home. Tomorrow we go home. Repeat as necessary.

We've managed to spread this flu to FIL and BIL and his whole family, who were here on Thanksgiving. It seems to be a particularly contagious bug. I'm doing better and managed to eat some soup. Ben's been 24 hours without barfing. I have high hopes for tomorrow.

We took the boys about 40 minutes away to the snow on Mt. Hood today. I'll post pics when we get home. First snow is so much fun. G and I weren't much fun because we didn't have gloves, although G risked frostbite to try to build a snowman with A. They ended up making one big ball and giving up. We threw it into the back of the big red pickup truck and brought it back to Portland.

A. said, "All these people are seeing a big red truck and are wishing they had a big red truck like ours!" I think that's his highlight.

Tomorrow we go home.


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