Thursday, November 09, 2006

I can't remember where I got this link, but the idea is you look at a series of photos side by side, and you click on the one you like better. Eventually the brain at the bottom pulses pink, and you click on it and it tells you something about yourself that no website could ever know.

I was surprised that the first thing it told me was: "You'd prefer having a girlfriend." Well, that would rather complicate my life, wouldn't it? It does give you an option to correct the brain, so I clicked, "No, I'd prefer having a boyfriend," because "I'd prefer having a housekeeper," wasn't given as an option.

It also told me: "You don't work in an office/school." I'm not sure what I'd call my therapy office if I didn't call it an office, so I clicked, "No, I work in an office/school."

The brain didn't think anything else about me, but invited me to continue choosing photos. It's kind of an interesting to see the photos they ask you to choose between, even if the pink brain is 0 for 2 so far.


Beastarzmom said...

So, it thinks I do not exercise regularly, although I consider a minimum of 5 days/wk at the gym pretty regular. It also thinks I live in an urban area. But my bedroom community would argue that one, too.

Beastarzmom said...

The pink brain is stupid.

Anonymous said...

I did four questions with the Pink Brain--it assumed three things about me correctly. The first what that I'd go out of my way to give directions to someone. Um, yeah. I can be a little overly-helpful and chatty at times. Interesting.

Sarah O. said...

I did a million choices before clicking on the pink brain. It only had two insights. That I prefer practical cars over speedy ones and that I'm a girl.

I want a practical speedy car and I am a girl. A rather mature girl, but a girl.

Cool site!

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