Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Day

So today's report card day. A.'s very first report card! Mom and Dad's first report card, too. G. almost videotaped it, but I stopped him in time.

He got Excellent on Group Time: Attention, Courtesy, Participation and General Self-Control. He says, "That's because when Teacher is showing us a new job, I sit very quietly and don't move." He's a good listener (when he wants to be).

And he just got Satisfactory on PE. I expected that - Teacher doesn't like it when kids enter her class not knowing how to skip. But he's got the skipping down now, man. And he's the smallest kid in the class, for heaven's sake. I give him credit just for being positive about Field Days.

BTW, "Field Days are about winning. P.E.'s just about practice," according to A.

The comment was, "Since September, A. has shown great improvement in his penmanship." That's it.

Oh Thank God because we were afraid he was forever doomed to write all his letters backwards. I'm just guessing here, call me a dreamer, but I'll bet it gets even better by 3rd grade! I sure hope they track that in the report card comments!

So part of me is like, "Good. He's right on track, no worries, right where he should be. I'm not gonna put my perfectionism on him."

And the other part of me is like, "Are they BLIND?"


Sarah O. said...

I swear, early report cards serve no purpose whatsoever except to bring out parents' neurotic tendencies. Glad you seem to be aware of this from the start!

Lunasea said...

LOL. Nicely put.

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