Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For Kids Who Do Too Much, Part II

We now have a list for what to do after bedtime, too:

Nit List

  • Luc at cadn unrpans bcs*
  • sai my prers
  • go in Ben's krib
  • cleen my room
  • sneec urawnd hawis
  • reed bcs

*Captain Underpants Books

Thanks goodness he included sneaking around the house. He always forgets to do that.


Beastarzmom said...

he just cracks me up! Can't wait to see the list of what he needs to do when he goes to Auntie R's house!

Thumper said...

LOL what is he going to do in Ben's crib? If that's the same at the cat wanting to go in my shoe, you might want to stop him.

Lunasea said...

LOL - he "reads" to Ben and plans parties. Ben loves it and now can't even be bothered to give me a kiss goodnight before asking, "Is A. coming in my bed?" A. has come out to the family room and said, "Mama, Ben screams if I try to leave his crib! I can't get any sleep!" To which I reply, "Welcome to my world."

Carrie said...

I love the sneak around the house. It took a second to figure out what he meant (I was able to determine the Captain Underpants though). Have you considered teaching him "cleen the hawis" while he's up on his midnight wanderings?

Sarah O. said...

Aww, I miss cadn unrpans bcs (Remember that now). The whole crib visit thing is darling. And what's not to love about the sneaking around the house?

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