Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Party Planning Fun

A. is turning into a regular Stanlee Gatti. Last night, after bedtime, he climbed into Ben's crib and started helping him plan the party for his 3rd birthday in March. They chose a "Halloween" theme and the invitations, already designed by A., say something like,

Happy Brfedee Ben
We love you Ben
Ben is turning 3

They have the guest list done, too. I'm really hoping I can change their minds back to Little Einsteins as the theme because I don't want to dig out the Halloween decorations again for a party in March. On the other hand, we already have Halloween decorations and we don't have Little Einstein decorations, yet. Hmmm. Maybe A. does know what he's doing.

A. got distracted, though, by his wish list for his own birthday, still 9 months away. He came out and asked me to spell the words for him.

On the top of his list is money. Finally, we're getting practical and not asking for a rocket trip to the moon. Next is Lincoln Logs. Beautiful. I can handle Lincoln Logs. (It nearly broke my heart when he told me they had a set at school but he never gets to play with it because other kids always get there first. It's not like he has a wooden leg and hobbles pathetically behind all the other children, but it felt like that.)

Next is "Underwater Lego Set."

Me: Um, what's an underwater lego set?

A: A lego set you can do underwater. (Duh.)

Me: Yeah, but....have you ever seen one?

A: Tomorrow we can check on the internet and see if Lego.com has one.

Me: But why an underwater one? How often do you build things underwater?

A: We'll just check tomorrow, OK? Next is a fake balloon.

Me: A what?

A: A fake balloon.

Me (adding it to the list): What's a fake balloon?

A (slowly): It's like a balloon but it's not real.

Me: I know, but......

So today while we were walking to school, I brought the subject up again:

Me: Hey, A., remember when you asked for a fake balloon yesterday? What would a fake balloon be made of?

A: Rubber. So it wouldn't pop.

Me: Oh. Would it float around like a balloon?

A: No, it would bounce.

Me: Gee, that pretty much sounds like a ball.

A: Yeah. A bouncy ball. Except that it looks like a balloon. A fake balloon.


Sarah O. said...

Maybe A. is thinking of this thing...

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of the bounce ball thing or maybe a punch ball.

Knot Mom

Lunasea said...

We have a ton of punch balls already, but I'll have to ask if this fake balloon is something you can sit on.

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