Friday, January 25, 2008


Today's Complaint: Kid's DVDs that don't let you skip over the commercial previews to get to the menu. What's up wit dat? That annoys the crap out of me. Today's was Jay-Jay the Creepy Jet Plane.

Today's Obsession: GoodReads. Just found it via Laid-Off Dad, and come to find out some of my friends are already on it. Love it - helps me keep track of what I want to read AND has a widget. Add me as a friend if you're on it too. I need to change something, though, because it looks like all I read are books by Maeve Binchy. Those are just the most recent ones I added, I swear.


Today's Challenge: Run a full-frontal assault on the ants taking over my kitchen. The boys are making a game of hopping over the floor trying to avoid them, and having lots of fun calling them "stupid" since I said that ants were the one thing it was OK to call stupid.

Oh, and maybe get some exercise.

Today's Weather: Rain. Rain, more rain. The hills better be bright emerald green after this or I'll be pissed.

Today's Goal: Organize and label all the family room toys.

Today's Goal for Ben: Poop. We're on Day 6 of the Poop Watch and getting a little nervous. I am, anyway. Ben seems fine with it. I have become that mother - the one consumed by the lack of regularity in her child's bowel movements.

Today's Pleasure: Bought myself a hair straightener AND a label-maker. I've wanted both for a long time, and today I threw caution to the wind at Target and got the cheapest versions of each! Who knows what crazy thing I'll do next?!


Gary Oxford said...

Re: Today's complaint

Amen, sister! I just want to pop in a DVD and get back to reading The New Yorker or Sports Illustrated. Why do I have to hover by the DVD player for ten minutes of previews and then click through 3-4 menus to start the fricking thing? Still, I'm thankful that my kids have no knowledge of Jay Jay. I watched it once, because I was going to include it in the Kids' Show Tournament of Crap, and I've been scarred ever since. It's sort of like the makers of Thomas the Tank Engine took some peyote and then read the Gospel According to Luke.

Re: Today's Pleasure

So you're going to straighten your hair and then label it? Is this so G will notice you got a new hairstyle and will suitably compliment it?

Lunasea said...

Ooh, that's a good idea. But I think what I'll do is only straighten one side, then label that side "straight" and the other side "wavy." Just so there's no confusion.

Carrie said...

I'm probably a little too attached to both my label maker and my straightening iron (which is amusing to own in the first place because i have stick straight hair but it's good for keeping it smooth). Paul wanted a label maker, swearing it would get him better organized. The only things that have been labeled are me and the cat.

And I once snorted Diet Coke out my nose because I was laughing so much during my sister-with-children's rant on Jay Jay. He is disturbing.

Sarah O. said...

Although practically every little kids' show is creepy, Jay Jay surpasses even The Doodlebops.

Oooh, my son Wii got into this holding in of the poop thing when he was about Ben's age. Yipes. We bought Babylax by the case. Which I labeled with my label maker. Good times.

Angela Green said...

Poor little guy and poor you on the poop watch. That would stress me out too!

And I LOVE organizing. Have FUN with that label maker! :) I have a whole room to tackle that is soooo messy I just don't know where to start. I'm not sure why, but somehow my organizational skills took a break for about 2 years. Thank God they are back!

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