Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who Needs Blog Topics?

I'll just type in A.'s list for the day.

Wac up
brush teef
eet brefix
pt on clos
wach creeeees jorj
go too sgoowl
plai hid and seek
sneec urond hawis
woch u videeo
hav sum aktivdee
sbed sum tim wi my famlee*
go too sleep

*That one's my favorite.

He's just a little bit of a slave to his list. He likes to do things in the order written, but he's not too thrown off when I change things around and add stuff like "go to libraree" and tell him to brush his teef AFTER brefix. He dutifully checks things off after he does each one, and gets quite thrown if he can't find his list. He's not sure what to do if he doesn't have his list to tell him.

My to-do list for the day:

wawsh dishs
mak dinr
dew billeeng
mak fown kawls


Sarah O. said...

Please don't forget to:

vizt lemny sera at lemn lyf!

Carrie said...

Is the "sneec urond hawis" part of the "hid and seek"?

You could post these daily and I would not mind a bit. :) Like A., I'm also a list maker but mine are never quite that interesting and don't normally get checked off with much regularity. Perhaps I should just add some sneaking to my day.

Oh, and I now find myself trying to decode the word verification to see if it might be something interesting for A. to do.

Lunasea said...

Visiting my favorite blogs is actually something I don't need to write down - I have to make a list to remind me that there are OTHER things I need to do!

Carrie - LOL - let me know if you find some new activuees!

jessmonster said...

I love "sneec urond hawis." I really ought to start including "wac up" on my to-do list because that would be one more thing I could proudly check off!

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