Sunday, January 27, 2008

So remember on Friday when I wondered what crazy thing I'd do next?

We bought a couch for our family room Friday night:

Nice, eh? We've needed something for this room ever since we moved in. We've been making do with my old futon, which worked but was pretty uncomfortable and rather ugly. Since we spend most of our time in this room, it didn't make sense to have nice furniture in the living room and the dregs in here. Levitz is having a bankruptcy sale, so we got this one for 60% off. We're all enjoying sitting on it. And I can label it and straighten my hair on it, too, if I want.

And, for something totally unrelated, G and I sublet a psychotherapy office in a suite. We do not control the books in the waiting room, which include "Venomous Animals." Maybe not what I'd choose as reading material for a bunch of anxious clients, but that's why we're just the subleters.

And the third totally unrelated thing:

Middle Niece (B) is quite talented, doing the singing and dancing thing. She just moved from California to New York (New Jersey, technically) to try her luck on the Great White Way. She and her roommate are writing a blog to chronicle their experiences and give their parents heart attacks. This is her first blog and we really want her to keep it up, so if you have a second to encourage them, that'd be awesome.


Sarah O. said...

Gorgeous couch! I see it's good for walking on, which is very important.

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