Monday, January 07, 2008

When I get home from work on Mondays, the boys have usually been in bed about a half hour and are nowhere near asleep, so I have get to go in and hear about their day.

Tonight, A. greeted me with the excited announcement, "In three days from today, I get to have a treat!"

Me: "Oh yeah? What treat?"

A: "I get to go to the movies!"

Me: "Really? With who?"

A: "My dad."

Me: "Does he know about this?"

A: "Yes, he said so."

Me: "Well, in three days it's Thursday, and he has to work that day, so I'm not sure how that's going to work."

A: "Oh, I forgot. He actually said Mama."

He also began writing down the names of all his classmates who say "Yes" when he asks, "Do you want to come to my birthday party?" He's got two names so far because that's all he had time to write. Tomorrow he's going to have to write Brandon because he didn't have time to write his name down today.

Me: "Boy, that could take a long time if you only get two children each day. "

A: "Maybe tomorrow I'll ask some children with shorter names."

Me: "That's a good idea. Is there anyone you don't want to invite?"

A: "No, I'll ask everyone."

Me: "That's nice. And will your feelings be hurt if someone says they don't want to come?"

A: (looking puzzled) "No, my feelings won't be hurt. I don't really mind if they don't want to come. I just want to know who does want to come because then I will know who to invite. "

I LOVE the practicality of that kid. Don't stress over the guest list, just ask who wants to come. Everybody wins. Even if the party is eight months away.


Gary Oxford said...

A: "Maybe tomorrow I'll ask some children with shorter names."

This is why U Thant never got invited to any birthday parties. He was too far down on the name length priority list.

8 months away? In Sammy's ever-changing circle of friends, 8 months is multiple eternities. I think he was still negotiating for attendance to his last b-day party the day before. What ultimately closed the deal for a couple of last-minute shoppers was Sammy's offer to bring all of his toy lightsabers.

Sarah O. said...

I just love your boys!

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