Monday, January 21, 2008

Spring Fashion Report '08

On her blog today, Lemony Sarah introduced us all to the wonders of designer Thom Browne (which she found via Dave Barry).

I was so taken by this wunderkind, I just had to go check out his designs myself and steal LS's blog idea. Here are two more favorites:

How often have you heard your man say: "This unitard would be just perfect if I only had a pocket for my keys and ID."

Or, perhaps, "I'm too much man for this unitard. I need a swatch of fabric RIGHT THERE for reinforcement. "

And, for those days at the office when the regular business suit is too stuffy, but a polo shirt is too casual:


Sarah O. said...

Thom Browne. The gift that keeps on giving.

Your comments are too funny!

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