Thursday, January 17, 2008

And Another Thing....

If I was in the market for a full-time job, I would so go for this. Just so I could say I'm badass.

Seriously, if you like photos and the internet, Photojojo is the place to be. Subscribe to their newsletter.

AND...if you saw the Tom "Spiral Eyes" Cruise video, you've gotta see the Cathy Zielske scrapbooking parody. If you haven't seen the Tommy video and don't mind wasting 10 minutes of your life, look here.

Oh, and today is Beastie's birthday. She's way too important to the computer systems of a major hospital to post more often, but a big "Happy Birthday, Middle Sister," to her.

Oh, and because Oldest Sister reads this blog, Happy Birthday Two Days Ago to you too!

And, once again, thanks to you and Middle Sister for not only having birthdays 2 days apart in January, but also having (almost) ALL your children in January, too. Costco socks for all of you.


Sarah O. said...

Cathy Zielske's video is excellent. The only problem with it is that she comes across as only about 10% as crazy as Tom. On the positive side, she's a much better actor.

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