Monday, January 28, 2008

For Kids Who Do Too Much

When I got home from work tonight, A. very proudly showed me his To Do list for tomorrow. He had it all written out on a piece of paper:

  • waic up
  • pt on cllos
  • brush ar teef
  • eet brefisd
  • go too sgoowl
  • plai socr
  • woch u videeo
  • plai on u cmpyoudr
  • plai kards
  • hav activuees
  • hav dinr
  • go to sleep

"I've got a lot going tomorrow!" he exclaimed.


Anonymous said...

I vote for spelling school, sgoowl. Cmpyoudr seems right to me too. Someone is teaching a 4 year old to be too organized when they are making lists already. What an amazing boy! I'm still wondering about hav activuees...I think I just might put that on my list for today too.

Sarah O. said...

That's a keeper! I love the imaginative phonetic spelling. A. obviously worked very hard on this. Sigh. This is one of those times that I miss having little kids.

HeyItsBeej said...

I heart your boy and how he oozes Montessori. LOL

And no, I haven't looked up Family Feud on YouTube. I may have to sacrifice this morning's planned work activities to embark on a Family Feud marathon.


Lunasea said...

knotmom: Well, he sure as heck ain't getting it from me. And I'm wondering what activuees he's planning, too.

Sarah: Yeah, Montessori has them writing sentences phonetically before they learn to spell. The only problem is that when I tell A. how something is really spelled, he gets all uppity and says, "Well, *I* spell it like this." He's not buying into the whole language contract thing where we all agree on the spelling of words.

Beej: I know, he's a Montessori model child. They do eventually learn to spell, though, right?

Thumper said...

He's busier than I am. I feel so lazy now...

HeyItsBeej said...

Yeah, they do eventually learn to spell (though apparently it takes a while to go from Egiption to Egyptian as seen in Kevin's note last week). However, all of that fabulous proper spelling skill will be ruined once A learns to send IMs and text messages.

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